Bench Warrants

It sometimes happens that individuals fail to appear in court as promised. They may forget, or they may be freaking out at the thought of appearing in court. Or they may have been unable to appear because of sickness, work, travel or other reason.

Whatever the reason, it is not a good idea to duck the legal system. The warrant squad will find you, and make you pay for not cooperating. You may be placed under arrest. Nor is it a good idea to turn yourself in. People who do this very often say the wrong thing, and wind up in even worse trouble.

You have already made a mistake by skipping a court date. Don't compound the error by representing yourself.

We'll Get Through This Together

Andrew MacDonald is available to accompany you to court and do your talking for you.

As a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney, Andrew MacDonald knows the criminal justice system in Maryland, and he can identify the best strategy for you going forward — one that is less nerve-wracking for you and for your family.

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