Modification of Sentences

A judge can modify a criminal sentence if a Motion to Modify Sentence is filed within 90 days of the sentencing. A defense attorney can ask that a judge hold a motion for modification of sentence sub curia for a longer period of time so that a defendant can advise the judge later of his progress in certain areas (for example drug treatment). The judge may schedule a court hearing for purpose of taking evidence and hearing argument regarding the motion.

You can hire a different attorney than the one who represented you at trial to represent you for a motion for modification of sentence. A good defense attorney can draft a persuasive motion for modification and argue convincingly in court.

Andrew and Cynthia MacDonald regularly represent clients for the specific purpose of modification of sentence. To be sure, judges are usually reluctant to modify a sentence. However, we can advise you on the likelihood of success of such a motion in your case and tell you the best way to achieve a reduction of sentence.

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