Protecting Young People From Excessive Punishment

It's not a good day when you hear that you son or daughter has been caught in a criminal act. Parents wonder if this is the day all their coaching turns to ashes.

Persons under age 18 are treated differently by the criminal justice system when they commit crimes. Minors are usually prosecuted in juvenile court instead of adult court. The State's Attorney's primary goal is to protect the public. The juvenile court can commit children to juvenile detention facilities until the age of 21, order home detention with GPS monitoring, probation supervision, community service and restitution paid by parents.

We believe children deserve a second chance in the criminal justice system. We work hard to make sure all the time, energy and love you put into raising your child isn't ruined by one mistake. We communicate fully with parents as we guide child offenders through the frightening criminal justice system.

Crimes Most Often Associated With Young People

Many juvenile offenses are the kind you might associate with young people:

In fact, juveniles are often involved in other crimes: domestic violence, credit card fraud, identity theft and drug trafficking. The great fear parents have is that their child will slide into a life of repeated crime and punishment. Our job at MacDonald Law Office, LLC, is to prevent the kind of punishment that will make matters worse.

Committed To Your Child's Future

Let juvenile defense attorney Andrew MacDonald fight for your child's future. He is experienced in the special legal issues relating to young people under 18, and he is committed to working to turn family problems like this around.

He is aware of the consequences that occur when young people are given up on by the law. He is committed to the principle of learning and rehabilitation. This current problem may be the moment their lives are turned around.

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