Peace Of Mind Through Powers Of Attorney

Lawyers can't solve every problem people face as they get older, or their health declines. But we can address some of the most worrisome issues by drafting personalized powers of attorney.

Powers of attorney allow people to hand over responsibility for key decisions to individuals they trust with their finances and their health decisions. They ensure that your wishes will be carried out in the event you are unable to make key decisions on your own.

A power of attorney is a legal document in which you appoint another person to act as an agent on your behalf. Many individuals combine power of attorney for both medical and financial decisions; others choose to name separate persons for each task. You have the flexibility to limit the scope of decisions your agent is authorized to address.

Armed with this document, there will be no confusion as to who can make decisions. But it is not a straitjacket — you can revoke the power of attorney at any time.

Let attorney Cynthia MacDonald explain how powers of attorney can work in your situation. She can also help with other elder law documents such as:

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