MacDonald Law Office - Vacation & Criminal Charges | Video Transcript

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ANDREW MACDONALD: We very often represent individuals who are vacationers in Ocean City, Maryland, as well as college students from the several local universities.

CYNTHIA MACDONALD: Many people come to Ocean City to have a good time and wind up wearing handcuffs because they've made a mistake. They're ordinary people. They aren't hardened criminals. But then end up charged with things like disorderly conduct, DUI, or drinking in public or things of that nature.

ANDREW MACDONALD: Because I've been in the system for so long, I think I understand more than a lot of people that people make these mistakes for very human reasons, not because they're bad people. But there is always a story and a human explanation that puts the person into the criminal justice system. And I always try to understand what that reason is.

CYNTHIA MACDONALD: We want people to know that if they hire the MacDonald Law Office, they will get the personal attention they deserve. We will be responsive to their telephone calls. And we will spend a great deal of time discussing their cases and the options with them and their families if necessary. But we also want them to know that this is serious business. And we take their case very seriously. And we'll be tough advocates and trial attorneys if they need it.