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There Are 2 Classifications for Criminal Charges

There Are 2 Classifications for Criminal Charges

There are two possible classifications for criminal charges. How your charges are classified has a big impact on the possible penalties that you are facing. The two possible classification are misdemeanor and felony. It very important for you to know the differences between these two classifications.

A felony charge is the most serious classification for crimes. Murders, rapes, identity theft and arson are some examples of felonies. Generally, felony charges are associated with longer periods of incarceration. This incarceration is done in prison instead of the local jail. You also face fines and other penalties if you are convicted of a felony. In addition, you are classified as a felon and might have difficulties finding a job or a place to live because of that classification.

A misdemeanor is a less serious criminal charge. A conviction of a misdemeanor is associated with a period of incarceration in jail. That period is usually a year or less, but might be longer depending on the charge and any enhancements. Misdemeanors can also carry fines and other penalties.

Learning about how your charges are classified is crucial so that you know how to plan your defense. In some cases, you might be able to seek a plea deal for the case. That depends on the prosecution's willingness to work out a deal and your willingness to accept it.

No matter what type of charges you are facing, you should start to go over the evidence against you and start planning a strategy for your defense right away. If your case goes to trial, this will help you to have time to prepare.

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