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March 2017 Archives

Federal prosecutions at 20-year low, but that's about to change

The Pew Research Center just released a very interesting analysis of recent trends in federal prosecutions. Specifically, the respected nonpartisan fact tank found that Department of Justice activity peaked in 2011 but then began to drop. Today, the Justice Department is prosecuting drug charges, property offenses, immigration violations and other crimes at the lowest level in 20 years -- while at the same time, crime itself is at the lowest rate since 2006.

Estate planning is more important than ever for same-sex couples

With the Trump administration in place and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are concerned that the legal victories they've had in recent years may be rolled back in the upcoming years.

Jeff Sessions is confirmed as Attorney General

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama was confirmed as Attorney General by a contentious Senate vote. Sen. Sessions announced that he plans to adhere to President Trump's "law and order" strategy. Sen. Sessions is one of the most bitterly contested Attorney Generals in recent memory. His nomination was bitterly fought by several Senators, including Sen. Warren, Sen. Sanders, and other Democrats. This post will go over his nomination and what it could mean for criminal defendant's rights.

Pleading guilty, the strategy

When you are facing criminal charges, especially from something that seems as damning as a failed breathalyzer, a failed field sobriety test, and a partial confession blurted to the arresting officer, you probably are considering a plea bargain. Plea bargains are viable options for some people, in certain situations. This post will go over the basics of plea bargains and how they are treated by judges and prosecutors.

A trust can save your child's inheritance in a divorce

Inheritances can be tricky things when couples divorce. Although an inheritance left to one spouse is considered an individual asset rather than a marital one, once it's commingled with marital assets (such as in a bank account) or used to buy joint property, it becomes part of the property division of the divorce.

Consequences of refusing the breath test

You are driving home after a long day at work and a longer night at the bar. You aren't paying attention, but a copy flashes his lights and instructs you to pull over. The officer approaches your window and asks for your license and registration. He thinks he smells alcohol and wants to know if you have been drinking. You deny it, and he asks if he can administer a breathalyzer. What do you do?

Tips to getting an excellent criminal defense

Comprehending the criminal justice and defense system remains a puzzle to most people in the U.S. This explains why most offenders don’t know their fundamental rights once they are charged with a felony. Being convicted of a crime covers several aspects which extend beyond the justice procedure to the acquittal process put in place by the Justice Department.

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