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Maryland officers out in force this holiday season

If you work in Montgomery County or are planning to drive to or through there this holiday season, be aware that law enforcement officers from multiple agencies are out in force with the goal of keeping drunk drivers off the road. The annual Alcohol Holiday Task Force started its work in mid-November. It will continue through the first weekend in January.

A college DUI can be costly in many ways

Drunk driving takes the lives of too many college students -- over 1,000 annually. Young drunk drivers (those 16 to 24) are responsible for nearly 40 percent of drunk driving accidents in which others lose their lives. These are sobering statistics, but important ones to remember for students attending parties at school and while they're home on winter break.

Prince George's County drops a footballer players DUI charges

Prosecutors in Prince George's County, Maryland dismissed charges against a star University of West Virginia wide receiver on August 30. He'd been previously been in arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence back in May. The 19-year-old is still slated to stand trial in Morgantown, West Virginia, for a second DUI in August.

Has recreational marijuana legalization increased car crashes?

The legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes is spreading across the country. Although marijuana is widely legal for medical purposes and used legally and illegally in every state, one leading insurance research group sought to quantify just how much effect legal recreational marijuana had on the number of car crashes.

Holidays don't mean you get a free drunk driving pass

Keeping the roads safe is a priority for many police officers. As this long holiday weekend begins, police officers will be taking more of an interest in watching for signs of drunk driving. What does this mean for you? It means that you need to stay away from the driver's seat if you have any alcohol to drink.

DUI driver who doesn't appear at sentencing hearing gets 50 years

A man that failed to make an appearance at his sentencing hearing back in May in his drunk driving case was finally sentenced on Friday, June 9, 2017. The judge imposed the maximum allowable sentence of 50 years in prison for causing the death of two children and three women in the 2014 Oxon Hill crash.

Consequences of refusing the breath test

You are driving home after a long day at work and a longer night at the bar. You aren't paying attention, but a copy flashes his lights and instructs you to pull over. The officer approaches your window and asks for your license and registration. He thinks he smells alcohol and wants to know if you have been drinking. You deny it, and he asks if he can administer a breathalyzer. What do you do?

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