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What are your options when you inherit a house?

After a loved one has died, when people find out that they inherited a home, it may seem like a small glimmer of joy during an otherwise difficult time. However, inheriting property comes with complications, and important decisions will need to be made.

You may not feel up to making those decisions right away. However, it's important to at least begin thinking about what you want to do with the property and seek experienced legal, real estate and financial advice. There are a number of options most beneficiaries can consider:

3 tips for reducing your road rage

There is an important distinction between seeing responding defensively and with fury when you notice poor driving. You might be tempted to honk your horn or tailgate another driver out of spite. It is crucial to remember the dangers of aggressive driving and road rage. According to a report by ABC News, angry driving can be deadly

If you contribute to an accident, injury or even death because of your anger behind the wheel, you could wind up in court. Here are some tips for relaxing while you are on the road. 

How do sexual assault and sexual harassment differ?

The topic of sexual assault continues to be widely discussed thanks to some high-profile cases involving well-known people. Most recently, allegations of sexual harassment by multiple women against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein led the board of directors of The Weinstein Company, which he co-founded, to fire him.

The terms "sexual harassment" and "sexual assault" are often used interchangeably when people discuss the issue. Both can leave a victim feeling violated. However, under the law, they are two different things. Sexual harassment isn't criminal, while sexual assault is.

How can you help avoid contests to your estate plan?

One of the key reasons that most people create estate plans is to ensure that their wishes are carried out after they have passed away. For many people, this means dividing their assets among their heirs.

A well-crafted estate plan can help minimize the possibility that family members and others will battle over it. However, there are additional steps that you can take while you're alive to further minimize the chances that anyone will contest it and cause delays, stress and unwanted expenses for your loved ones.

Make your final wishes known outside of your estate plan

When a loved one dies, it always eases the burden on surviving family members if they know how that person wanted to be celebrated (or not) and how they wanted their body to be handled. It's also helpful if that person set aside enough money for the funeral, burial, cremation, memorial or other events.

It may surprise people to hear that the average price for a traditional funeral here in Maryland is over $10,000. A direct cremation can also run well into the thousands of dollars.

Prince George's County drops a footballer players DUI charges

Prosecutors in Prince George's County, Maryland dismissed charges against a star University of West Virginia wide receiver on August 30. He'd been previously been in arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence back in May. The 19-year-old is still slated to stand trial in Morgantown, West Virginia, for a second DUI in August.

Among the most serious counts the football player faced in Maryland were drug-related impaired and reckless driving charges.

DUI stops and field sobriety tests

If an officer stops you in Maryland because he or she suspects you of DUI, a field sobriety test is likely to form part of the stop. There are several tests designed to gauge the impairment of your basic functions were.

There are three major types of tests known as the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration describes these tests and sets forth the correct way of administering them. If an officer administers the tests incorrectly, the results may fail to stand up as evidence against you.

Who gets the insurance money after a simultaneous death?

When it comes to life insurance, people often name their spouse or a child as the beneficiary. While this makes sense and is wise, who gets the money if the two people both die at the same time?

Under Maryland law, if the evidence suggests that both people passed away simultaneously, the policy pays out as if the person who bought the insurance lived longer than the person who was named as the beneficiary.

Incentive trusts can help protect your children from themselves

When you're developing your estate plan, you likely want your children to inherit some of the assets that you've worked so hard to accumulate or that have been passed down to you from previous generations to care for. However, what if you don't believe that one or more of your children, even as adults, will handle a generous inheritance wisely or they're too young for you to know how they'll turn out as adults?

There are countless stories of people not only blowing through all of their family money, but destroying their lives in the process. That's why many people choose to place their money in inheritance trusts for their children.

Baltimore dealing with multiple body cam 're-enactments'

Body cameras worn by police officers can help ensure that people accused of a crime aren't treated inappropriately by officers. They can also provide exculpatory evidence or at least call into question the evidence that is being used against a defendant.

The Baltimore Police Department has reported that body cam video showing an officer "discovering" drugs was staged. The department has called it a "re-enactment of the seizure of evidence."

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