Charges Dismissed Concerning Man Accused of Assaulting an Officer

Charges against an individual who was accused of punching an off-duty Maryland police officer have been apparently been dropped.  The man charged had been accused of reckless endangerment, second-degree assault and second-degree assault of a law enforcement officer. 

The man claimed to have thrown the punch was attending college at the time of the purported incident.  While at a bar there was claimed to be an altercation between this individual and the officer.  There was reportedly a scuffle and witnesses described the two individuals being involved in a wrestling-like match.  Witnesses say the individual who brought the charges identified himself as a police officer at some point.  In any case, it was claimed that the man afterwards charged threw a punch that resulted in the officer being taken to a hospital in Baltimore.

It's the job of criminal defense attorneys to not allow for convictions of clients for evidence that is unreliable. Especially when it comes to a barroom fight, it can be difficult determining who the perpetrator of the incident really was. Each side will likely provide their own versions of the facts as to what occurred and the judge will need to weigh the testimony.

We need to emphasize, however, that more than allegations of wrongdoing are needed before anyone can be convicted of assault or any violent crime. Evidence and believable witness testimony is also needed before a conviction can be granted.

Negotiation apparently had been going on between the attorney representing the man accused of the assault, the prosecuting attorney and even the alleged victim. The alleged victim also agreed in court that the charges against the accused individual should be dropped as well.

The judge overhearing this matter seemed pleased. "I am satisfied that the attorneys have worked long and hard and have reached the right result," the judge stated.

Source:, "Assault charges dropped at request of alleged victim," Trish McGee, Sep. 11, 2013

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