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Maryland trooper lauded for record number of DUI arrests

A Maryland State Police trooper has broken a state record for the most DUI arrests. His DUI arrest record has equaled or exceeded 100 for the past four years, including 2017. He had already surpassed 100 arrests before the end of the year.

The trooper is part of the seven-member State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort (SPIDRE) team. That elite team, which is funded by the state transportation department's Highway Safety Office, was the first of its kind among east coast states when it was established in 2013. It is supported by county police as well. SPIDRE officers have made a total of more than 2,700 DUI arrests.

Attorney general's stand on marijuana raises concerns for users

When U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced at the beginning of the year that he was directing federal prosecutors to use their own discretion in dealing with marijuana users, people throughout Maryland and other states who legally use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes were understandably concerned.

Although state laws regarding marijuana vary widely, it is still illegal under federal law. During the Obama administration, the Department of Justice announced a policy, stating that in most cases, it wouldn't go after users in states where the drug is legal.

Why people leave the scene of an accident

Leaving the scene of an accident without permission can result in serious consequences. In fact, it is also called a hit and run in many situations, and even if you live in Maryland and are found to have left the scene of an accident in another state, it could affect your Maryland driver record.

Of course, many people know it is unwise to leave the scene. So, why do some people do it?

Salisbury father, son facing charges involving drug trafficking

Just days after his father was arrested for alleged drug trafficking, his teenage son was also arrested. The two men are both from Salisbury.

According to law enforcement, an investigation involving multiple federal, state and local agencies uncovered evidence that the elder man, reported to be a gang affiliate, had been selling the powerful opioid fentanyl in Maryland and nearby states.

Can a criminal record prevent you from traveling abroad?

You made a mistake, broke the law and were convicted of a crime. You served your time, paid your fines and made it through your probation without any problems. You've put this part of your life behind you -- or so you thought. Now you're planning a trip outside the country and wondering if that criminal record is going to keep you from your dream vacation or a necessary business trip.

In some cases, a criminal record can prevent you from being able to obtain a U.S. passport. In even more cases, it may prevent you from entering another country.

What should you consider when choosing an executor?

One of the most important decisions you'll make when developing your estate plan is deciding who will be your executor. Generally, people choose their spouse, an adult child or sibling for this position. However, it can be just about anyone you feel will be willing and able to carry out the responsibilities.

When deciding whom to choose, it's essential to look for someone with the following qualities:

  • Organized
  • Honest
  • A good communicator
  • Able to deal with conflicts that may arise among family and/or beneficiaries

Maryland officers out in force this holiday season

If you work in Montgomery County or are planning to drive to or through there this holiday season, be aware that law enforcement officers from multiple agencies are out in force with the goal of keeping drunk drivers off the road. The annual Alcohol Holiday Task Force started its work in mid-November. It will continue through the first weekend in January.

The task force includes officers from six different districts as well as the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Maryland State Police, Maryland National Capital Park Police Department and more. In just the first three weeks, the task force arrested 86 people for driving under the influence. There are sobriety checkpoints in locations throughout the county that have a history of drunk driving crashes.

A DUI brings risks to Maryland college students' futures

University students in Maryland may face a wide range of risks as a result of a DUI arrest. Driving under the influence is a serious crime in Maryland, and penalties can be steep. 

If you are a college student and you are facing a DUI charge and conviction, it is time to craft a strategy to mitigate the potential risks to your future. 

A college DUI can be costly in many ways

Drunk driving takes the lives of too many college students -- over 1,000 annually. Young drunk drivers (those 16 to 24) are responsible for nearly 40 percent of drunk driving accidents in which others lose their lives. These are sobering statistics, but important ones to remember for students attending parties at school and while they're home on winter break.

Final exam time is particularly stressful. It's only natural to want to take a break from studying and find the nearest party on campus. However, one drink can all too easily lead to half a dozen. It's essential to have a plan to get home (or to your dorm) safely before you go out and end up in no shape to make good decisions. Leave your car. Plan to call an Uber or Lyft, take a cab or call a friend who's sober. Many Maryland colleges and university have ride services like SafeRide that get students across campus.

Can a police officer ask me to log on to my phone?

Apple just released its highly awaited iPhone X in November which will allow its owners to enjoy the option of unlocking their phone by simply giving their screen a gaze. To log off, an owner of the phone will simply have to look away from it.

According to Apple, iPhone owners log into their phones as often as 80 times a day. Some opponents of this new technology argue that being able to unlock a phone simply by gazing at it is far too easy.

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