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Defending Against Embezzlement Charges in Maryland

Embezzlement is considered a serious white-collar crime and is penalized as such in the state of Maryland. At MacDonald Law Office, L.L.C., our Salisbury embezzlement lawyer has extensive experience in these cases and can provide the strong legal representation you need. We are dedicated to safeguarding your rights and crafting a robust defense tailored to your unique circumstances.

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What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a white-collar crime characterized by the misappropriation of funds entrusted to an individual for personal gain. This illicit act often occurs within an organizational setting, where an employee entrusted with financial responsibilities unlawfully diverts funds or assets. Embezzlement can take various forms, such as fraudulent accounting practices, unauthorized fund transfers, or the misappropriation of company assets.

Identifying embezzlement involves proving that the accused party had lawful access to the funds or property and intentionally misused or diverted them for personal benefit. This distinction is crucial, as it separates embezzlement from other financial crimes.

What are the Penalties for Embezzlement in Maryland?

Embezzlement charges in Maryland are serious and can lead to severe consequences upon conviction. The penalties are contingent upon the value of the misappropriated funds or property. Generally, Maryland classifies embezzlement offenses into degrees based on the amount involved:

  • Misdemeanor Embezzlement ($100 to $1,000): Conviction may result in a fine of up to $500 and imprisonment for up to 18 months.
  • Felony Embezzlement ($1,000 up to $100,000): Penalties may range from fines of $10,000 to $25,000 and imprisonment for 10 years up to 25 years.

Beyond financial penalties and incarceration, a conviction for embezzlement can have lasting implications on one's personal and professional life. It may lead to the loss of employment, damage to reputation, and difficulties in securing future employment opportunities.

Defenses Against Embezzlement Charges

Some common defenses against embezzlement may include:

  • Lack of Intent: Embezzlement charges hinge on proving criminal intent. If it can be demonstrated that the accused party did not willfully engage in the misappropriation and lacked the intent to defraud, a strong defense may be established.
  • Mistaken Identity: In some cases, individuals may be wrongly accused due to mistaken identity or misinterpretation of actions. We can meticulously investigate the circumstances to uncover any misidentification or errors in the prosecution's case.
  • Authorization: Establishing that the accused had lawful authorization to access and use the funds can be a potent defense. This may involve providing evidence of proper permissions or demonstrating that the accused's actions were within the scope of their job responsibilities.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Challenging the prosecution's evidence is a fundamental aspect of any defense strategy. We can meticulously review the evidence against our clients, looking for inconsistencies, inaccuracies, or gaps that could cast doubt on the charges.

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