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Plan Your Defense Carefully When You Are Facing Theft Charges
Plan Your Defense Carefully When You Are Facing Theft Charges

Facing theft charges can affect almost every aspect of your life. In some cases, finding employment will be difficult with a theft arrest or conviction on your criminal record. You might face time on probation, incarceration, fines, or other penalties if you are convicted. ...

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Blog posts in Theft & Property Crimes

  • Consequences for Shoplifting Can Be Serious

    While many may consider shoplifting to be a minor crime, individuals charged with the crime should take the situation seriously. This is because the ...

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  • When Your Child Is Caught Shoplifting

    It's a frightening thing to get a call from the police. "Your daughter Eve has been charged with shoplifting." Eve was at the mall with friends, and ...

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  • Choices in Criminal Trials Must Be Made with a Clear Head

    In our previous blog post, we discussed what options you have during arraignment. This is a very important part of the criminal justice process that ...

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  • Know Your Options Before Your Arraignment

    When you face a criminal charge of any sort, including a theft or larceny charge, you will be arraigned. Typically, the arraignment process comes ...

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  • Important Facts Regarding Employee Theft

    Some studies have shown that employee theft may actually cost businesses more on a yearly basis than theft by customers and shoplifting. In fact, when ...

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  • Investigating the Prosecution's Case Against You Is Critical

    In our previous blog post, we discussed how not all thefts involve physical goods. If you recall, we discussed how stealing someone's identity is ...

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  • What Is Identity Theft? Why Is It Such a Serious Crime?

    When people think of theft crimes, they might not think of identity theft. Identity theft is an ever-growing problem that can put people's lives in a ...

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  • Legal Concepts Around Forgetting to Return Borrowed Items

    Borrowing items from friends and family members often comes with a promise to return the borrowed item. Life happens and that promise might be broken ...

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  • Arson Charges Are Serious Felonies That Require a Solid Defense

    Property destruction can take on many forms. Some people might face criminal charges for vandalizing a property. Others might face charges for ...

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