Exercise Your Rights When You Are Being Questioned or Charged

Facing a criminal charge is something that most people don't ever want to experience. If you find yourself the subject of a criminal investigation or facing criminal charges, you should be prepared to defend your innocence. Believe it or not, this starts as soon as you learn that you are the subject of an investigation. We know that you might not be prepared to have to defend your rights throughout the process. We can help you to protect your rights as you deal with the police.

One important thing that you should do is to let the law enforcement officers know that you want to have your attorney present for any questioning. If we are with you, we can help to ensure that you are being treated in a manner that is consistent with the protections you have under the Constitution. We can also help to monitor what is being asked and said to help ensure that the information presented isn't being twisted so it can be used against you.

If you are being investigated for a crime, we can also work to determine if your Fourth Amendment rights regarding searches and seizures are being respected. It is critical to the prosecution's case that all searches and seizures are done lawfully. When they aren't, we can help you learn how you can use that information in your defense.

It is important that you understand every aspect of your criminal case. Get answers to your questions and learn about the options that you have during each step of your journey through the criminal justice system.

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