2 Former Housing Employees Face Criminal Charges

A 61-year-old man and a 48-year-old man are accused of requiring sex from residents who needed repairs on their dwellings. The men were both employees of Baltimore City Housing Authority. It is alleged that more than a dozen women were told they had to perform sexual favors for repairs at Gilmor Homes.

The men have been charged with harassment, misconduct, assault, and a fourth-degree sex offense for an incident on June 1 of last year. The older man also faces charges for misconduct and harassment based on an incident that occurred on Feb. 1 of last year.

Even though the men are facing charges, the investigation is still open. The housing authority has noted that the men have both been fired. They won't be arraigned on the charges until next month.

There is also a civil case. The Housing Authority and the women involved in the sex-for-repairs scandal have reached a settlement of up to $8 million. The Baltimore mayor has praised the commissioner for taking the matter seriously, acting on the information presented, and making sure that the aggrieved parties can seek compensation.

As for the men who are facing charges, they will need to take action before their arraignment. That action will likely include trying to determine how they will handle a defense.

Anyone who is facing criminal charges of any sort shouldn't think that they will just go away or that they have an air-tight defense. Instead, it's essential to seek legal guidance from an experienced Maryland defense attorney who can work to protect your rights as you go through the legal system.

Source: WBAL-TV, "Maintenance workers charged in sextortion case," Kate Amara, July 07, 2016

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