Can a Criminal Record Prevent You from Getting a Mortgage?

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Many people who are convicted of crimes, and even those who serve time behind bars, get their lives back on track. They finish their education, get good jobs and perhaps marry and have children.

Say that you've put your past behind you, made a new life for yourself and now you're ready to buy a house. That means applying for a mortgage loan.

Can a Potential Lender See Your Criminal Record?

If a bank or other lender runs a background check on a potential borrower, their criminal history will come up.

Not all lenders run background checks. Therefore, it may be best not to ask if they do. It could just raise suspicion.

However, you'll need to provide information about your employment and residency history. If you were incarcerated for some time, this will come up in your answers.

Can a Felon Be Denied an FHA Loan?

Companies have varying policies on lending to people with criminal records. It's not against the law to deny people loans for that reason, as it is to deny them a loan based on their gender, religion, race or other protected status.

Some lenders don't let a past criminal history influence their decision if the person has stayed out of trouble, has a steady job, and has a good credit score. Before shopping for a mortgage, you may want to check with a Maryland criminal defense attorney to see if expungement of your record is an option.

Get Help from a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Salisbury

Criminal convictions can impact many aspects of your life for years, and potentially forever. That's why it's crucial to work to prevent a conviction or mitigate the consequences of a criminal charge if you or your loved one is in that situation.

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