Salisbury and Ocean City Area Criminal Defense Lawyers


If you have been charged with a crime or arrested in Salisbury, Ocean City, or anywhere else on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you need to find an experienced, local criminal defense attorney to aggressively defend you against the charges.  Andrew and Cynthia MacDonald have been practicing criminal law on Maryland's Eastern Shore for twenty years.  We know the local procedures, police officers, prosecutors, and judges.  We can use our extensive criminal law experience to accurately advise you on your options and prepare your defense.  We have the criminal law knowledge and courtroom experience to get you the best outcome possible in your criminal case.  Contact us now by calling 410-713-4465 or toll free at 866-242-3785 or by email using the form to the right.

Andrew MacDonald's practice is focused primarily on criminal defense.  Cynthia MacDonald also practices in other areas such as estate planning, general civil litigation, business transactions and personal injury.  We both represent criminal clients in Salisbury, Ocean City, Snow Hill, Princess Anne, Cambridge and everywhere on Maryland's Eastern Shore.


Both Andrew and Cynthia MacDonald were criminal prosecutors right here in Wicomico County.  As former criminal prosecutors we handled tough criminal cases appearing in court virtually every day of the week.  Andrew MacDonald served as Assistant State's Attorney for Wicomico County for ten years, prosecuting every type of criminal case from DUI to Murder with more than 100 jury trials under his belt.  As a criminal prosecutor for ten years until he resigned in 2006, Andrew MacDonald actually litigated trials in more cases than many defense lawyers try in their entire careers.  No other current criminal defense attorney in this area can claim a similar type of in-depth, local criminal law experience.


The criminal justice system is a frightening process for many people.  Andrew and Cynthia MacDonald recognize that in-person communication with your criminal defense lawyer is important to you.  When you retain the MacDonald Law Office to represent you or a family member in a criminal case, either Andrew or Cynthia MacDonald (depending on your preference) will personally handle the case from the initial consultation to the final appearance in court.  Unlike larger, metropolitan firms, you will not be handed off to a paralegal or a lesser experienced associate.  We strive to always be available to promptly address our client's questions and concerns either in person, by email, or on the telephone.


We have three goals for our clients: 1) Advisor- to be your personal advisor and guide you through the criminal justice system while keeping you fully informed about the process; 2) Advocate- to be your aggressive advocate to get you the best outcome possible for your criminal charges.  3) Defender- to defend your rights from abuse by the police, the prosecutor, and the court.


As former assistant state's attorneys, we have the criminal law knowledge and experience to accomplish these goals. If you are facing criminal charges, contact us at our offices in Salisbury or Ocean City for a free consultation. We often forward our office calls to our cell phone on nights and weekends so you can reach us anytime.  Whether you need a Salisbury drug possession lawyer or any other type of defense lawyer, you can turn to our law firm with confidence.

A prosecutor will give serious thought to a dismissal or plea bargain when he or she is up against an experienced trial lawyer such as Andrew or Cynthia MacDonald who know the criminal justice system and are experienced litigators.

Our firm provides defense representation for all types of criminal cases from misdemeanors to felonies in Maryland including the following:

  • DUI and DWI
  • Drug charges (drug possession, distribution, trafficking, importation, prescription fraud, etc.)
  • Violent and gun crimes (assault, felon firearm possession, etc.)
  • Domestic violence (spousal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, etc.)
  • Assault
  • Theft crimes (burglary, shoplifting, property crimes, etc.)
  • Sex crimes (sexual assault, prostitution, indecent exposure, etc.)
  • White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, etc.)
  • Technology crimes (child pornography, cellphone harassment, etc.)
  • Theft (employee theft, shoplifting, etc.)
  • Traffic offenses (leaving the scene, driving while suspended, commercial vehicle citations, etc.)
  • Juvenile offenses (any allegations against minors)
  • Expungements

We carefully assess all options for helping our clients achieve their overall goals, including avoiding jail time, keeping their driver's licenses or other important work qualifications, and keeping their criminal records clean. We are prepared to defend you at trial if necessary but will also aggressively pursue a dismissal or the best plea offer we can.

Addressing the Needs of Specific Groups

Though the bulk of our criminal defense practice is devoted to defending local residents, including those in white collar professions who need to carefully protect their reputation, there are several other categories of clients whom we also represent on a regular basis:

  • College students: There are potentially some serious long-term consequences for students who are convicted of crimes such as DUI, and we provide a vigorous defense.
  • Vacationers: We represent many people who get caught up in the criminal justice system while visiting in Ocean City, Assateague National Seashore and other vacation destinations.

Contact a Salisbury Criminal Attorney

Whatever your specific circumstances, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options with an experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer.