When Your Son Or Daughter Is Charged With Underage Consumption Of Alcohol

There is a reason why Maryland courts come down hard on underage drinking. Statistics show that alcohol is a leading factor in fatal and serious highway injuries. And it is simply a fact that young drivers on alcohol or drugs play a disproportionate role in these statistics.

It's a crime in Maryland to drink until you are 21. A charge of underage consumption often accompanies a charge of DUI. Conviction on these two can cast a dark shadow on a young person's life — not to mention heavy fines, suspended driver's license, performing community service and attending alcohol and drug training at your own expense.

For Help With Your Child, Call MacDonald Law Office, LLC

If your son or daughter has been charged with underage drinking, you owe it to them to put up a legal fight. Conviction is too heavy a burden for someone just starting out in life.

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