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The defense of many drug distribution, drug trafficking and drug importation cases will require assistance from an attorney who is highly skilled in wiretap and conspiracy investigations. At the MacDonald Law Office, our attorneys bring significant, meaningful knowledge to wiretap and conspiracy investigations. If you have been charged with or arrested on suspicion of drug distribution, trafficking or importation, turn to our law firm with confidence.

Many clients of the MacDonald Law Office are out of state residents stopped for a traffic violation while driving through Maryland on Route 13 with a large amount of illegal drugs in their vehicle.

Our Salisbury criminal investigation lawyers can begin building a strong defense on your behalf immediately. We are former prosecutors, and we understand the local system. Call us today at 410-713-4465 or toll free at 866-242-3785 to schedule a free initial consultation.

We Understand Maryland Search Warrant Laws

As skilled Maryland criminal defense attorneys, we are familiar with the overall process of how wiretaps work. Typically, law enforcement will place a wiretap on a phone line that belongs to a targeted individual. They monitor phone calls, conduct surveillance and then investigate those individuals based on what they surmise from the phone calls. Often, the phone communications incriminate other individuals who are somehow involved with the target person.

In the vast majority of cases, our clients do not even know they are in trouble until the police come knocking on their door. If this happens to you, do not speak to the police without an attorney present. The evidence they have is largely circumstantial and often not solid enough to prove a case in court.

Our law firm has developed many proven methods for tearing down the prosecution's case. For example, conversations that were assumed to be about drugs were, in fact, not about drugs at all. The wrong people can be identified. Translation or interpretation of a conversation can be highly inaccurate. Just because you have been charged with conspiracy to distribute, traffic or import drugs does not mean that there is enough evidence to convict you. Talk to us today to learn how we can help.

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The MacDonald Law Office is dedicated to securing the best possible outcome given the charges you face. We strive to help you stay out of jail and avoid other penalties associated with distribution, trafficking and importation charges. To schedule your free initial consultation, call us locally at 410-713-4465 or toll free at 866-242-3785. You can also contact our criminal defense law firm online.