A theft conviction can have a serious negative impact on your future ability to obtain employment and even rent an apartment. Shoplifting is theft. Wal-Mart aggressively prosecutes shoplifting and employee theft in Wicomico and Worcester Counties. Wal-Mart's loss prevention officers are in the Wicomico County District Court every day to testify against shoplifters. The Wicomico and Worcester County State's Attorney's Offices will prosecute and seek convictions in shoplifting cases. With the recent advent of self-checkout at Wal-Mart the number of Wal-Mart theft prosecutions has increased dramatically. Many Salisbury University and UMES students are caught in this dragnet of theft prosecutions. In addition to increasing the temptation for intentional theft, self-checkout also opens the door for shoppers to make honest mistakes during the check-out process that can result in a theft prosecution. Of course, there are surveillance cameras focused on the self-checkout lines that are constantly recording. Wal-Mart loss-prevention officers are now going back and watching old video recordings from the self-checkout lanes, identifying suspected theft after the fact, and instituting theft prosecutions based on identifications made solely using the video. These prosecutions are attempted even when the suspect is not apprehended in the store at the time of the alleged theft. Some innocent people who made an honest mistake or who were wrongly identified are being rounded up in the Wal-Mart theft dragnet. These types of shoplifting prosecutions have several weaknesses that a good criminal defense attorney can utilize to defend against a theft conviction. Wal-Mart may not be able to authenticate the video or register receipts. The video can be poor quality leaving a reasonable doubt as to the identification of the suspect. Criminal defense lawyer Andrew MacDonald has successfully defended many accused shoplifters in Wicomico and Worcester Counties. If you are accused of retail theft in Salisbury, Ocean City, or Snow Hill, Maryland, call the MacDonald Law Office now and schedule a free consultation so that Andrew MacDonald can review your case and evaluate your defenses to this serious criminal charge.