Driving On A Suspended License

It may not sound like a serious offense, but driving on a suspended license in Maryland is a jailable offense. Without effective representation, you could spend up to 60 days in jail for this transgression. The advantage of having a good lawyer in your corner should be obvious.

Andrew MacDonald combines years of experience as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney to favorably resolve legal challenges like driving on a suspended license.

Common defenses for driving on a suspended license include:

  • You didn't know your license was suspended. The state cannot convict you if you were unaware of the suspension, and the burden of proving that you knew is on them.
  • The traffic stop was illegal. There must be an acceptable reason for pulling you over and arresting you. This is sometimes called the suppression defense, in which the defense works to suppress improperly obtained information so it may not be used to prove your guilt.
  • You weren't driving. The state is obliged to prove that you were in fact the driver of the car when you were arrested. If you were washing your car, loading the trunk or parked in a fast food lot, for example, the state will have difficulty proving you actually drove. Unless you were actually driving, they don't have a case.

There are other defenses as well. They key is to have an attorney who is familiar with the volumes of case law that are relevant to your case. Andrew MacDonald has that knowledge because he has worked on both the prosecutorial and defense sides of many, many cases.

This knowledge is the best defense weapon you can obtain in a suspended license case. Talk to suspended driver's license lawyer Andrew MacDonald of MacDonald Law Office, LLC, at 410-713-4465, toll free 866-242-3785 about your situation. You can also email us your questions using this form. We have offices in both Salisbury and Ocean City, Maryland.