MacDonald Law Office - Criminal | Video Transcript

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[GRAPHIC: MacDonald Law Office, LLC, Andrew MacDonald, Cynthia MacDonald, Maryland Trial Lawyers,, Local: 410-713-4465, Toll Free: 866-242-3785, Salisbury Office, 208 Calvert Street, P.O. Box 33, Salisbury, MD 21801, Ocean City Office, (By Appointment Only), 12 35th Street, Suite 20, Ocean City, MD 21842]

CYNTHIA MACDONALD: We handle all types of criminal cases, from the most minor traffic charges to murder, assault, robbery, and everything in between.

ANDREW MACDONALD: Cindy and I have a very good reputation in this community for being aggressive criminal defense attorneys. We want to keep that reputation here. And we do that by representing every client the best we can.

CYNTHIA MACDONALD: Andrew and I practice law as a team. When a new case comes in, we take a look at the facts. And we decide which of us is best suited to handle that case.

ANDREW MACDONALD: We both have our own independent experience in criminal law. And we use each other as resources.

CYNTHIA MACDONALD: We also work together frequently bouncing ideas off of each other and helping each other come up with strategies for how to best defend a case.

ANDREW MACDONALD: If you're charged with a crime on the lower eastern shore of Maryland, whether it be in Ocean City, in Salisbury or the surrounding counties, you want a local attorney to represent you. I and Cindy are very familiar with the local players here in the criminal justice system. And oftentimes in the defense of a criminal case, it's essential to know who your opponent is, what their strengths and weaknesses are. And we have that information.