DUI Charges for Woman Who Hit 2 Bicyclists in Maryland

Mistakes are a part of life that everyone will experience at one point or another. For some people, these mistakes can end up leading to criminal charges. That is what one Maryland man is now having to deal with. The man is being charged with several criminal counts stemming from an accident that police are attributing to drunk driving.

The accident happened when the man allegedly drove onto the right shoulder of the Governor Ritchie Highway. There were two people biking on the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail, which encompasses the shoulder of the roadway. Those two bikers were taken to Baltimore's Shock Trauma via air transport. One suffered from serious injuries but has since been released. The other was treated and released.

The 54-year-old driver of the vehicle that struck the bicyclists has been indicted on 11 charges related to that accident. One of the charges is driving under the influence of alcohol. This woman not only has to live with knowing that she has to face these criminal charges, but that people were hurt in the accident.

Because she faces so many charges, sorting through them might take some time. It is important that she understand each charge, as well as the consequences of a conviction on each so she can decide how to proceed with her defense.

Anyone who has drunk driving charges pending should make sure they understand how much a conviction can affect every aspect of their life. From affecting their reputation to costing them their driver's license or job, consequences are severe for some charges related to drunk driving.

Source: The Star Democrat, "Driver charged after striking 2 bicyclists" Jul. 24, 2014

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