Prescription Drugs Can Lead to Criminal Charges

When you think of drug charges, you might automatically assume that a person is using or selling illegal drugs. That isn't always the case. Some people who are facing drug charges are facing those charges because of prescription drugs. There are several different things that can lead to a prescription drug charge.

In some instances, the drug charges can stem from prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse can lead people to do things that they wouldn't do if they weren't addicted to the drugs. This might include forging prescriptions for the drugs they are addicted to. Forging a prescription is illegal. That act alone can lead to serious drug charges.

If a drug addict doesn't forge prescriptions, he or she might try other avenues to get the drugs. This can include getting prescription drugs from people who have legal prescriptions. The issue here is that only the person to whom prescription drugs are prescribed can take those drugs. Having someone else's prescription on your person can lead to criminal charges for illegal possession of prescription drugs.

It isn't just drug addicts who can face prescription drug charges. Even doctors can face criminal charges related to prescription drugs if it is found that the doctor is negligently prescribing medications. Doctors who prescribe medications for profit can also face criminal charges.

If you take drugs that impair your thinking or ability to function, you can face DUI or DWI charges for driving while you were impaired by the drugs. In this case, you will have to fight against those charges to avoid possible penalties, including losing your driver's license.

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