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February 2017 Archives

Everything you should know about estate planning

Estate Planning has become a prominent financial insurance policy across the U.S in recent years. Based on its immense benefits, you can safely plan for your retirement and safeguard the basic needs of your loved ones. In most cases, estate planning aims at ensuring that your health care wishes and personal property are honored and catered for in their absence. By activating an estate planning process, you will not only have peace of mind, but your loved ones are also exempted from nasty feuds during the distribution of assets.

Mexican wall may not keep out drug traffickers

One the signature promises of the Trump Campaign was the construction of a border wall along the southern border with Mexico. The details on the wall were noticeably sparse however it appears the Administration is taking concrete steps to secure the southern border. The Administration is allocating funds for border security and increasing the number of border agents. But, it appears that the wall overlooks critical sources of illegal immigration and may not slow the flow of drug trafficking over the border.

When and how does a trust end?

Trusts are artificial legal entities that can own property, sue and be sued (just like a person). They, like corporations, are treated as separate legal entities. Trusts form one of the pillars of estate planning (along with wills and a few other strategies). This post will go over the basics of how trusts operate and how they end.

A review of Maryland's criminal defense law

The criminal justice and defense system remains unfamiliar to many people. This explains why most of us don't know our rights whenever we are charged for a criminal offense. Criminal defense law covers many aspects, which go beyond the criminal justice procedure.

How your drug charge could be expunged

Drug possession is considered a major felony in the U.S. In Salisbury, Maryland, culprits are liable to hefty penalties as well as considerable time behind bars. Not only is your reputation tarnished, but your freedom is significantly limited in various ways. Contrary to common belief, crimes related to drug violations do not necessarily put the proverbial nail in your coffin. With the aid of a prominent drug charge attorney, your acquittal can be guaranteed in a matter of days.

How a criminal defense attorney could expunge your criminal charge

A criminal conviction can adversely impact your professional life in more ways than you can imagine. Not only can it hinder your chances of employment, but also damage your reputation in the public eye. Whether you have been charged with a trivial or a serious felony, then it is advisable to get in touch with a prominent criminal defense lawyer to aggressively defend you against the litigation charges. It is widely known that prosecutors tend to intimidate offenders with a myriad of charges in an attempt to rattle their cage and obtain a confession. However, do not fall victim to such intimidation and promptly contact your lawyer.

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