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A Review of Maryland's Criminal Defense Law

A Review of Maryland's Criminal Defense Law

The criminal justice and defense system remains unfamiliar to many people. This explains why most of us don't know our rights whenever we are charged for a criminal offense. Criminal defense law covers many aspects, which go beyond the criminal justice procedure.

There is need for you to have an idea about offences that are considered criminal in Maryland, and the punishment that they attract. The following are some of the most common criminal charges in the state and their resultant penalties.

  • Alcohol Related Crimes. These crimes can either be charged as misdemeanors or felonies.
  • Fraud and Financial Crimes. These felonies are commonly referred to as white collar crimes. They do not involve felonies and include fraud, federal fraud, money laundering, identity theft, bankruptcy fraud, and unemployment insurance fraud.
  • Property Crimes. These are basically offences against public or private property. They include larceny, burglary, domestic assault, and arson.

Getting arrested on a criminal conviction is a serious matter, which has long-term consequences. Maryland's criminal defense law protects you from unreasonable arrests. You can still enjoy your civil rights even if you are arrested. The arresting officers should have an arrest warrant before they put you into custody. Nonetheless, it is not advisable to interfere with the law enforcement officers' attempt to carry out a lawful arrest since it might land you in more trouble.

When you get charged with a criminal offence, it means that you are formally under an accusation. Once the prosecutor receives a police report, he/she will make an autonomous decision as to whether charges need to be formally filed or not. The prosecutor can also enlist the assistance of distinguished citizens who will serve as grand jurors.

When you get charged with a criminal offense, it is recommended to hire a private attorney. You should keep in mind that to successfully mount a criminal defense on your own, you must have thorough knowledge about the law. This alone makes it almost impossible to win the case without enlisting the services of an attorney.

An attorney will not only defend you before the court, but will also be your confidant and legal advisor. There are several ways that you can use to contact criminal lawyers in Salisbury, Maryland. This includes visiting local websites that deal in legal issues.


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